Build your future, don’t react to what happens!

Ken Soper

How’s your career, its security and sustainability looking these days?

People often tell me, “I’m looking for better, more meaningful work that I can do very well, where I   am recognized for my contribution–where I’m compensated accordingly, work where I know I make a difference, that I can be passionate about—not just a job.”

Companies and organizations need workers who are more self-aware (and thus are easier to manage and supervise), continuously develop their skills, abilities and knowledge, and are productive in collaborative, team-focused settings, fully engaged in contributing value to meeting mission goals and objectives.

Pursue your preferred future, today!  That’s the focus of my value-added work in career management, coaching and counsel—to help you (and for organizations, you and your employees) find “good” work assignment fit—work assignments that match strengths and natural talents and thus maximize productivity and performance.  I work one-on-one, either face-to-face in my office, or by phone, Skype, and/or Internet, and in small groups, having weekly led and facilitated 100’s of groups of individuals in transition since the mid 1990’s.

Whether that’s work analyzing and designing systems, seeing new possibilities using one’s imagination, helping others reach their full potential, or making sense of how past experience fits in the future. Work that matches your values, talents and needs.

Career coaching and counsel can be delivered wherever people are in the USA, Canada and beyond—to help you learn how to “find work and stay employable” in our constantly changing 21st century–a world that is increasingly “flat, hot, crowded and disruptive”.

Today, call my office, [616*528*0443], (I’m on Eastern time in the USA) or contact me at (careerken[at]gmail[dot]com).  Or pick 2 dates/times that fit your schedule, email me your selections, and I will confirm the best meeting time–getting you launched on the way to your “preferred career future!”

For all organizations, including churches, I customize organization services to match your needs, timetable, budget and group size.  With my 39+ years consulting, connections and collaboration with other career management, outplacement, counseling and coaching professionals, a project serving an individual or a large number of people, or developmental coaching for retention, can be developed with significant cost savings.

I covet an opportunity to learn your needs, design and deliver a highly effective service.




Ken Soper, MA, MDiv; CCC, NCC

Principal, LifeSteward Group LLC

NCDA Certified Career Counselor™ (CCC™)
– one of first 100 CCC’s worldwide
NBCC National Board Certified Counselor™ (NCC™)
 – certified since 1995