Individual Services

Services have been designed to be delivered to you wherever you are in the USA, Canada and beyond using Skype [‘careerken’] and the Internet–-to  help you learn how to find work and stay employable in our constantly changing, 21st century, “flattened” world.

Call (we’re on Eastern time in the USA) or email us today.   We look forward to working with you.

WorkSearch Strategy & Tactics

Traditional job hunting is dead. Smart people looking for work—not a job, i.e. a static, unchanging assignment—need to think of themselves as being self-employed. To do so is to become a 21st century person. That’s why we refer to the process and this category of services as “work search”, not “job-hunting”, services. Group setting services are offered weekly at Work Search Roundtables.

Career & Work Assignment Coaching

Finding work and staying employable in the 21st century requires more than just putting a resume together and spreading it around the marketplace. As technology and the international marketplace continue to change the workplace, smart individuals will take control of their own career development. This group of services will help you stay a step ahead of the changes you will see in your workplace and in the job search marketplace. Periodic group career coaching services are scheduled.

Career Change & Redirection

Finding a type of work that uses your talents, affirms your values, and plugs into your interests and personality can be a daunting tasks—particularly in a world where careers are constantly changing or disappearing from the workplace. These packages of services are designed to meet your need for comprehensive, personal career coaching, counseling and guidance, no matter what your age or previous work experience. Periodic group career counseling sessions are scheduled.