Job / Work Assignment Performance Coaching

Career Security and Resilience Assessment

Comprehensive interview and review of current situation and past work assignments, including an evaluation of your career/job security with recommendations for improvement (1 hour, $100 USD).

Communication and Work Style Analysis for Increased Assignment Effectiveness

Comprehensive interview, assessment and recommendations for increased effectiveness – particularly for those interested in improving their performance as a member of a team (1 1/2 hours, $150 USD).

Educational Planning (w/ or w/o Training and Education Research) with Options for Educational/Training Program Selection and Planning

Comprehensive interview and research (1 1/2 hours, $150 USD; research minimum billed by quarter hour at $100/hour).

Annual Career Checkup

Recommended annually for career sustainability – a comprehensive interview and review of activities and establishment of goals – particularly as you are preparing for your annual performance review (1 1/2 hours, $150 USD).