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“Hope everything is well and you are turning [job hunters] into ’employables,’ in the same manner as you empowered myself.    Work Search Roundtable was a great confidence builder!”
Professional engineer (P.E.)

“I liked your resume and I think the keywords are a good idea….Of all of the resumes I have seen who have tried this format, yours is one of the best, very readable, clean – very nicely done.”
-HR professional comment on a client’s (chemist) resume

“I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence and know how to attempt to negotiate the salary without the resources I have acquired…. I appreciate all your help and the resources you provided during my job search.”
Financial services professional

“Thank you, Ken, for all your encouragement and caring. You are a man of deep character and abundant grace.”
Sales/Marketing professional

“Thanks again for lifting my spirits and for helping others as I tell them what you told me, and that is to print up business cards with your own name, address, phone #, fax, email etc. This was one great step in helping me “feel” better about myself and to give people information about myself.”

“A note of many thanks for your support during my stressful job search including my ‘survival’ phase. I believe my initial time spent at the library during your free seminar had a tremendous impact on my success. Especially the quick ‘behavioral preference’ discovery.”

“I was hired for the … opening. Thanks so much…if it was not for your [communication] I never would have known…. I think you should charge more money for all the time and effort you put into creating the resume. I even was hired at a higher salary then they posted. THANKS AGAIN.”
Ex-military non-commissioned officer

“An extremely helpful [Work Search Roundtable] session yesterday … all of us seemed to be energized; I feel like a few epiphanies occurred!”
Business process systems engineer

“I LOVE my new job……I LOVE the convenience of being 1.5 miles from home, can come home for lunch.   My main supervisor, the Regional Manager, is the NICEST guy I have ever worked for.   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the wonderful, inspiring work that you do with Work Search Roundtable! I will never forget the many wonderful friends I made & the fun we had while working through the serious issues.”
Senior executive administrative assistant

“Your tips on networking to find work were very useful.  I also found helpful your suggestions on more places to look for pertinent information.”
Management professional

“My daughter started work recently and I’m sure it was her beautiful resume that did it! Thanks so much for helping her!”
Employment & training professional

“… met with you earlier…to take some personality/ career aptitude tests.  I was a freelancer … at the time, but I recently got a job with [a West Michigan publisher].   I just wanted to thank you … for helping me clarify … my personality traits and career strengths.”

“…thank you for helping me discover who I am, and that chaplaincy might be the thing for me. You mentioned it when we first met, and though I wasn’t too sure of it then, I have come to be more and more sure of it. Bless you! You have incredible insight, and a real gift for what you do. Thanks for sharing it.”
Hospice chaplain (former pastor)

“I just wanted you to know how much I have appreciated the [weekly Work Search] Roundtable discussions…. It has been a real source of encouragement and information for me.”
Information technology professional

“BTW, I want to thank you again for your support and friendship. You have no idea how much you helped [me] get through this time.”
Network administrator who moved from manufacturing to healthcare

“Just wanted to wish you a happy holiday and let you know that I am very happy at [company name]. It has been 8 months and I have been promoted to a Lead Buyer position. Thank you again for your service and kindness to others. It really helped me during my career transition.”
Purchasing professional

“Thank you for all your time and efforts in putting on the seminar. I SO VERY MUCH appreciate the time you invested with me in the past few months.”
Career coaching professional

“I appreciate your help [with resume development and interview preparation]. I have been hired by [company name]. I put on my suit, and [put off] my bad attitude in light of making no progress in even getting an interview in previous tries [interviewed at a job fair].   About a week later, I got a call from their San Diego office, and the woman on the other end of the line made an offer that I could not believe. She proceeded to tell me I ‘hit a home run’ in the interview process.”
Sales professional

“Another stellar performance [at Work Search Roundtable]! It was a great day in spite of all that was going on around us. You are so gifted as a facilitator.”
Educational administrator

“Thank you for all the help and guidance you gave me with my job search/career crisis, over the past several months. Without your expertise and guidance in everything from resume writing to interviewing techniques, and everything in between, I have no doubt I would still be searching for work. Most of all, however, I would like to thank you for the encouragement and friendship you showed me through this rather trying time in my life. Being on the high side of fifty and out of work…you showed me, as well as others, how to turn this potential negative into a positive which, I am happy to say, worked for me.”
Logistics/Supply chain senior manager

“…thank you for your thoughtfulness, your listening ear, your insight and feedback when I most needed it!!… God bless your empathetic heart, and continue the ‘good work He has begun in you’ (Saint Paul).”
Human services administrator

“I have survived two rounds of unemployment in my fifties because of [you] and [your] organization. I am sure they were shorter because of [you]. They definitely were easier due to [your] knowledge and expertise.”
Controls engineer

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