Career Change & Redirection

“When you understand what you want to do with your life, you can make choices that reflect your values and priorities.”


Career Refocus

This interview helps refocus your career dreaming and exploration by reviewing your situation, completion and interpretation of two assessments and then next-step recommendations–a ‘re-aiming and quick relaunch’ into new career possibilities.


– 2 hours $180 USD ($60 savings over hourly rate). The investment can be applied to IWA package below, if selected, within one month of Career Refocus session.


Ideal Work Assignment (IWA)

This is a comprehensive and thorough unique set of assessments with finished product that defines the ideal job configuration matched to your personal motivations and talents which serves as a “lens” for your exploration of careers and jobs being considered.  For the person who is truly serious about finding a rewarding and satisfying career.


IWA Assessment, and Exploration/Career Coaching.

Assessment, interview and guidance for exploration and decision making.

– $480 USD; $300 if you’ve already completed Career Refocus above (to 6 hours, $240 savings over hourly rate; consulting time beyond 6 hours, charged at $120/hour).


Youth & Young Adult-focused Services

The following three options include a customized Assessment Report that includes the parents focused suggestions for coaching their young person.

Young Adult (age 18-22)
Complete assessment, guidance in exploration, coaching for decision making, and action plan summary.

– In my office/online: $275; in your home: $350.


High School Students (age 14-18)
Pencil & paper assessment and interpretation, exploration resources, exploration review, and next step planning.

– In my office/online: $250; in your home: $300.


Middle School Students (age 12-14)
Pencil & paper assessment and interpretation, exploration resources, and next step planning.

– In my office/online: $200; in your home: $250.

Customized Packages

Individualized packages can be designed to fit any situation, need or customer location, including outside USA. Costs vary; contact us for more information to discuss your needs and/or request a proposal for services.


To ask questions, learn more about these services, and/or how you can access them, contact us by phone, email or USPS mail (see Contact page).