Career Management & Transition for Employees

Managing one’s career and encouraging and supporting those of an organization’s human resources is the key competitive advantage for individuals and their employers. Our services are designed to meet the goals and needs of both.

We find ourselves in an unprecedented economic transition and with the COVID-19 pandemic a recession. Being proactive in helping valued workers’ career management is key to maintaining the needed knowledge, skills and abilities needed in today’s organizations, to deal with the needs and efficiencies necessary to for your surviving and thriving.

Offering career coaching and counsel from an independent, impartial source can assist in identifying and facilitating decision making, employee development and reassignment. Assessment and guidance in identifying and establishing goals for career exploration and direction can assist both employee and employer in matching to both current assignment and career path to the future.

We offer customized services, no ‘cookie-cutter’ program designed by a firm miles away from understanding your organization, to match to your needs. We covet an opportunity to meet, learn your situation and propose cost-effective, affordable services.

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