Corporate Services

As organizations grow, human resource needs change. Skill sets that were essential to the launch and growth phase become less important, and those talents needed for professional management and sustaining stability and health eclipse the initial needs.

Career management and outplacement services can assist your organization in retaining valued employees, as well as help those whose skills are no longer critical to see new futures in other assignments within the organization, or assist them in finding new work with other employers.

We pride ourselves in designing services to match your needs. While we have service concepts and programs, no customer organization is ever offered a ‘cookie cutter’ program.

Our consultants are professionals with both success in the marketplace as well as consulting and coaching credentials that are nationally recognized.

We value the opportunity to meet with your organization’s decision makers to learn your needs and priorities, and we covet meeting with you to present why selecting us as your service provider will be seen as an outstanding, value-added yet cost saving choice.

LifeSteward Group LLC has also been privileged to contribute to the birth, launch and growth of a ministry to churches to train, support and consult in providing help to individuals in job and/or career transition–EaRN Employment and Resource Network.


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